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TECSON, found in 2002, always commits to providing customers with complete solutions for sealing products. Our activities range from research and development, product application, manufacture and supply, to plant monitoring, and on-site maintenance. The main products includes gaskets; gland packing; flange insulation kits, isolating joints, rubber elastomers, engineering plastics, and mechanical sealswhich are widely used in chemicals and petrochemicals, refining, pulp and paper, power generation, semiconductor, primary metals, food and pharmaceuticals, mining and original equipment manufacturers.
Checking graphite gaskets, ceramic packing, grooved gasket, viton o ring, expanded ptfe gasket manufacturers online? Welcome to contact TECSON, we are a leading graphite gaskets supplier equipped with professional factory. Our aim is to supply the best sealing solution, in ways that are economically, humanistic and environmentally sustainable.

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    Fiberglass Packing Use Is Very Extensive
    Glass fiber (referred to as glass) is the use of colored glass after a series of glass fiber equipment, a series of processed glass fiber semi-finished products, its nature and use is very wide, Fiberglass Packing the fineness of 0.03mm-0.06mm, fine products such as silk, Soft, such as cotton, Fiberglass Packing tensile strength, color silver, non-toxic and tasteless, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, high temperature,
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    Rubber Gaskets Process Limits
    The use of rubber gasket specifications vary, Rubber Gaskets the shape of the impact of sealing effect, its role in reducing friction, to prevent leakage, isolation, to prevent loose or dispersion pressure. Many of the seal material specifications in the industry are also customary for this purpose, and the differences in efficacy vary.
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    Graphite Gaskets Sealing Performance
    It is made of pure graphite plate or metal (tooth plate, plate, net) reinforced graphite plate cut or stamping, with many excellent sealing performance, such as: heat stability, self-lubricating, Graphite Gaskets corrosion-resistant, non-aging, Harsh conditions can be long-term stable use, very little need to maintain.
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    Graphite Gaskets Four Types
    Graphite gaskets are made of pure graphite plates or metal (tooth plate, plate, net) reinforced graphite plate cut or stamping
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